What is it like to be in the Temecula Independence Day Parade? When your entry is the Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park, ‘It’s pretty fun,” states one of the Board Members, “people smile and cheer for us! … I think they like Ronald Reagan!”  


As FRRSP marched by the announcer's stand he said, “Reminding Americans about the importance of the Can-Do Spirit to preserving freedom is the focus of all programs initiated by Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park.”


This year, we were honored to have two of our essay contest winners represent FRRSP.  They rode in a beautiful red Bonneville, owned and operated by Dian Winter.


Temecula July 4th Parade 

2017, 4th of July was an opportunity to showcase our Essay contest Winners. Elizabeth Reed & Gregory Peter Kemper participated as our winners and rode in a beautifully restored Bonneville.