Phase 1 

Phase 1 is framed by a low sweep of masonry, on the (upper right-hand corner) stands a life-size figure of Ronald Reagan, whose own example inspired so many Americans to rise to the challenge of service and civic action.  Portrayed as we often saw him in media coverage, sleeves rolled up, tool in hand, and hard at work, he gazes with approval and admiration at the efforts of the family below.

The low curving wall offers space for engraving the names of donors, or the names of those whom donors wish to honor.  Another feature of the design is the seating benches under a shady tree.  These benches are also available for engraved plaques to recognize major contributors to the realization of this monument. 

Please join with us in carrying on the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the spirit of American civic virtue he helped to reawaken in the hearts of our people. 



Phase 2 

Major Donors