Jelly Belly Week 

Have you ever seen a mountain of jelly bean packages in the middle of a table? Well, our volunteers at Biola Youth Academics of Temecula certainly have! They know just what to do with them, as well! In the past few years, we have received the generous help of the 7th through 12th grade students at Biola Youth Academics, a program which assists Christian home schooling families with college prep classes.


Here is the drill. One student pours 300 packages of jelly beans in the center of the table, and suddenly there are 5 to 6 hands reaching for a package and a little square paper that tells the history of Temecula’s Sports Park. Each student is equipped with a stapler and when paper and package are attached, it goes into a pile, where another student sweeps it into a box. These students are responsible for handling 6500 packages of Jelly Bellies.


Yes, minus a few that do get eaten along the way! Those boxes are then taken out to various locations throughout Temecula and Murrieta, so everybody can enjoy them during Jelly Belly Week. Thank you Jelly Belly Company and volunteers from Biola Youth in Temecula Valley for making Jelly Belly Week a tasty possibility! 


Some of our helpers in 2014 were: Audrey Tupaj, Sheridan Fancescan, Becca Meyer

KJ Goltara, Ameilia Tupaj, Audrae Holzer, ’Noelle Cardiel, Daniale Dyer, Tracy Beers,

Alyssa Fonseca, Emily Greene, Hailey Thompson, Danielle Holzer, Hailey Weaver,

Nina Leavitt, Mia Garcia, Sadie Tupaj, and Eran Pitt.