A mountain of thanks goes to the students of Biola Youth Academics who literally processed mountains of Jelly Bellys for Temecula’s Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park. … More than 7,000 to be exact!


Volunteerism is an important theme for Temecula, as recognized by President Ronald Reagan, (see

Our History on this website) and we appreciate the hard work of the young people who dug in with a smile and got the job done. When these students walked through the door and were greeted with 21 boxes of 350 packages of Jelly Bellys each, most knew what lay ahead; because, they had helped last year and the year before (and some, even the year before that!).


Here’s what “stapling day” looks like for the volunteers of Biola Youth Academics, a program which assists Christian home schooling families with college prep classes. Six or seven students gather around a veritable mountain of Jelly Bellys and with staple in hand attach a little square of paper that tells the story of the Sports Park to each package. It’s a special skill … they have to be careful, yet quick, and each student has his or her own system. Once packages are stapled, they are packed back in boxes and sent out to various locations in Temecula and Murrieta so they can be enjoyed during Jelly Belly Week.


Thank you Biola Youth volunteers for your enthusiastic work ethic and civic pride. Thank you Omega Print Company for a first rate job printing our story on 7,000 squares of paper, and the Jelly Belly Company for making all this a delicious possibility!  



The Names and Grades of Our Student Helpers:

Madison Hsien (9), Grace Helman (8), Morgan Young (9), Truly Williams (9), Keano Mestore (9), Audrey Tupaj (7), Hailey Anne Weaver (9), Garrett Gooch (12), Kambria Harrell (9), Tatum Meyer (7), Becca Meyer (10), Ashley Gooch (5), Josiah Fonseca (8), Alyssa Fonseca (10), Amelia Tupaj (4), Larissa Gillespie (11), Aaron Nunez (10), Danika Young (12), Pierce Gooch (7), Amy Hansen (11), Danielle Holzer (7), Amanda Rodriguez (11), Joey Corse (11).


Some Participating Distribution Sites:

Temecula City Hall, Temecula Public Library, CRC at Ronald Reagan Sports Park, Senator Joel Anderson’s Office, Temecula Valley Unified School District, Temecula Chamber of Commerce, Promenade Mall, KATY-FM Radio Station, Temecula Museum, Mary Phillips Senior Center,

Community Little Book, Murrieta Library, Murrieta Senior Center, Murrieta Police Station, and

Murrieta City Hall.