Board of Directors Pleasantly Surprised by Thoughtful Students

Imagine the delight members of the Board of Directors had upon receiving thank you notes from the students of Temecula Preparatory School. Each letter was creatively and tastefully written. Without the “brave” decision of TPS administration, and the enthusiastic participation of Teresa Heine, Temecula Prep students would not have had this opportunity. She worked conscientiously to help make it a positive experience for the students. 


Here is a little sample of the notes received:


Dear Mr. Peters and Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park:

     I just wanted to take the time to thank you for giving our school the chance to be a part of the simulation. I can not be anymore grateful. I loved every part of it and it gave me more information about our Presidents and what they face when they are in office. They are faced with decisions that are very difficult and the outcome can be anything.

     When we got back from the simulation we were still debating some of the decisions that were made and we still are talking about it. This did impact my life in a way that has brought me to have an interest in politics. So thank you for that chance because I really did enjoy myself.



                                                                                       Isabella Cucuta



Dear Mr. Peters and Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park,

     Thank you so much for inviting me and my classmates to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library! I had an amazing time, and I learned so much not only about President Reagan, but also about our world’s history. The simulation was my favorite part. It was more fun than I thought it would be. I was in the Press Room which was a lot of fun. Air Force One was amazing as well! I thought it was pretty cool how we got to go on the same plane President Reagan used during his presidency. The piece of the Berin Wall you had on display was so cool and it really got me think how lucky we are to have the rights we have and live in a free country. Anyways, I had a great time and there’s no doubt in my mind that I would go again! I hope to maybe go back soon! 


                                                                                       Alyssa Fenton



Dear Perry Peters and Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park,

     Thank you, Mr. Peters and the Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park for taking us to the Reagan Presidential Library. I had a great time at the library. Also, thank you for getting us a bus that had TV screens, because it did take a while to get from the sports park to the library. I also want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to go to the Reagan Presidential Library and participate in a simulation. Overall, I had a great time, so thank you.


                                                                                   Cooper McKinney





Dear Perry Peters and the Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park,

     I am very grateful for what you did. This trip was an amazing experience that I will always remember. The whole library was outstanding and the simulation was even more exciting. I appreciate you for funding the money that this trip cost, which I’m sure was a large quantity of money, and I am happy to hear how we were complimented. I thank you all and hope to see you again and visit the Library another time.


                                                                                      Andrew Gamaley 



Dear Mr. Peter and all of the Friends from the Ronald Reagan Sports Park,

     Thank you, for everything you have done. It means a lot to me to learn about history for later on in life as I pursue my history career. But it wasn’t just an impact on me though; it meant a lot to the whole class of 8th grade.

     I didn’t just learn history, I learned respect, and how there is still such nice people in the world … that we can learn from. I’m very grateful; I hope this letter shows it.  Thank you.

                                                                                     Sincerely yours,

                                                                                     Michael Hamma

P.S. Ronald Reagan is almost my favorite president now!



Perry Peters and Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park:

     Thank you for all of your hard work and effort in organizing Temecula Prep’s trip to the Library. We were so honored to be invited, knowing that has not happened in the past. Thank you for covering the cost of everything. Without you all, we would not have been able to make it. If the opportunity comes again next year, I will be encouraging my fellow peers to go to enjoy the great experience. Thank you again for the wonderful opportunity.

                                                                                   Take care,




Dear Perry Peters and Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park,

     Thank you so much for letting us go on this amazing trip. Truly I did not really know much of Ronald Reagan. After the tour I really appreciated Ronald Reagan or what he did. My favorite part of the trip was the simulation. I was in the Command Center as Admiral McDonald. The lights, and name plaques were really cool. Thank you so much for letting me go to on this trip. 


                                                                                   Drew Sims



Dear Mr. Perry Peters,

     I would like to thank you and The Friends of the Ronald Reagan Sports Park … for generously donating the money to allow us to go to the Ronald Reagan Library. It was a very fun and interesting experience. I did not know much of Reagan’s early life, and to see that he was a football star was very awesome, considering that I play football myself. It actually kind of changed my perspective on him. I can relate much more easily to him now. It was very inspiring seeing how he came from such humble beginnings to be this amazing and inspirational person. Again, thank you very much for this once in a life time experience! Thanks for your organization for paying for all our expenses.

                                                                                   Thank you!!!

                                                                                    Justin Anderson