"Can-Do" ... The Kangaroo
Who is a Can-Do Kid Like You. 

 3rd and 4th Grade Essay Contest

We wanted to design a decal that would connect students to the idea of personal initiative, so we took our ideas to local graphic artist and expert Tony Moramarco of Bigfoot Graphics … and "Can-Do" was born! 


Every 3rd or 4th grader who enters the ESSAY CONTEST receives a decal as an award of participation. There were lots of smiles last March when kids got them at the Can-Do Day Celebration!


If you are a 3rd or 4th grader, you too, can enter the contest and write about being ready and willing to do the right thing because it needs to be done.  One student wrote about getting his chores done before being asked, another wrote about being the first person to welcome a new classmate, and another about starting a little business with a lemonade stand and then donating the proceeds to a local charity. The three award winning essays from last year can be found in The Community Little Book of Temecula. Here are the thoughts of students Lauren Morrison and Andrew Bondoc:


People think that children can’t help, … I know that we’re little and not all that strong, [but] think about what children can  do … 

Lauren Morrison


First, individual initiative is important because that is what lets us be brave and go over the limits. Individual initiative is important because if we didn’t [have it]we would be fearful and think there is a limit in life and [we] would never try new things … 

Andrew Bondoc


Do you have a good idea about how you can show the same Can-Do spirit as the first volunteers who built the Sports Park? 


                                  ... ENTER THE CONTEST! 

                       We look forward to reading your essay! 


Parents: If your child would like to enter the contest, feel free to download the two page Official Entry Form found at FRRSP EDUCATION on the Menu bar or just click this link here.