Senior Chief Alicia Harrison Presents Check from USS Ronald Reagan

Senior Chief Alicia Harrison, assigned to the USS Ronald Reagan, delivers a $3,000 check to Friends of Ronald Reagan Sports Park for the restoration of the Can-Do Monument at Ronald Reagan Sports Park.


FRRSP President Perry Peters accepts the donation. Because of an extraordinary outpouring of outrage by citizens from 21 states throughout the country, funds for restoring the Monument to its original state had already been raised, the gift was applied to the completion of the Monument, which will add four statues representing the members of a family depicted as working as volunteers on the creation of the sports park.


There is an on-going relationship between the ship, the City of Temecula, and FRRSP. It began in 2005, when Michael McCrackenthen a Chief Petty Officer assigned to the USS Ronald Reagan, brought volunteers from the ship's crew to Temecula to spruce up the park to keep it in mint condition. Whenever the ship is in home port in San Diego, and it needs work, volunteers come to Temecula to help keep the park ship-shape, FRRSP held a special ceremony at the park to thank the volunteers for their fierce allegiance to their former Commander-in-Chief, after whom the ship and the park were named. The flag that flies over the park today once flew over the USS Ronald Reagan.